Organic Link Building Strategies


A backlink, in simple words, can be defined as a link diverting the audience from someone else’s website to your website online. In most common cases, either you do it by writing content on some other website or someone else does it for you by establishing a connection to the high-quality post on your website. 

Generally, there are two types of backlinks; they can be spamming or non-spamming links. When we talk about spamming backlinks, they basically create some purposeless links between two websites. It means, the link on the third-party website doesn’t bring value to the readers. On the other side, the non-spamming backlinks create some favorable results for the visitors on the specific third-party website. 

When we talk about quality backlinks; they do not create a random connection between two websites; rather, they are meant to answer the problems of the visitors. An organic link appears helpful to the entire online community.

Every website owner around the world needs high-quality backlinks for his website. It helps them to boost their ranking on search engine results. Many content writers even prefer to buy backlinks to bring their website on the top. 

Organic link building strategies that everyone needs to follow:

If you are interested to rank your website higher among all competitors, it is good to start with the most trustworthy techniques to build backlinks. Below we have highlighted a few such methods to ease the process for you:

  • Ask your connections:

You might have heard that you cannot get anything until you ask for it. Similar kinds of practices must be followed with the inbound links as well. You can ask for valuable links to your website online and offline as well. Although it takes time to build relationships that can generate backlinks for you; but it is the most reliable technique to get more of them. Create more resources online and you will naturally receive more backlinks to your website. 

  • Write for the audience not for backlinks:

When you are interested to build the authority of your website online, it is good to write content to serve the audience, instead of just to get backlinks. When your content is capable enough to engage more audience, your website will automatically start getting backlinks from some other bloggers. In simple words, your website or blog must have content that is worth creating backlinks. 

  • Check your competitor’s backlink opportunities:

Backlinks help your website to get higher ranking online. But when you want to rise against your competitors, it is first important to check what kind of backlinks they are creating. The online backlink analysis tools can help you better to check more backlink opportunities that are also being used by your competitors. 

  • Guests posts on other websites:

It is also possible to get more backlinks by adding guest posts on other valuable website platforms. But it is more important to be highly selective in building landing pages and backlinks for your posts. Prefer to write quality content on some relevant blogs and it will automatically boost traffic on your website as well. 

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